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Modern Love Club is a New York City based matchmaking agency offering a thoughtful, hyper-curated approach to your love life.


We work with clients who are successful, growth-oriented, extraordinary people regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, who we believe we can successfully help find love. We work with our clients because we think they’re cool, and want to connect them to equally incredible people.


When you become a client, we will conduct a personalized search for your matches. We do in-depth interviews with potential matches, and show you the matches we think you’ll love. Along the way, we’ll go on a coaching journey to make sure we’re maximizing your chances at welcoming true love into your life. Dating should be fun, and we want to help you discover that magic.



Amy Van Doran is is the Head Matchmaker at the Modern Love Club.

What started as a performance art piece designed to connect with New Yorkers over their unique love stories and romantic goals grew into a business now running for 15 years. She has interviewed over 15,000 single individuals looking for romance, and continues to find profound joy in consciously advocating for love. Amy guides growth-oriented individuals through their own curated love journey: a tailored curriculum designed to make pivotal breakthroughs in their love life and beyond. Her approach to matchmaking involves a custom path for each client’s unique needs, in which Amy channels her intuitive skills in love coaching while being motivated by results-driven pragmatism.

Modern Love Club is for extraordinary individuals interested in curated, thoughtful dating.

When I first met (Amy), I thought, ‘she really sees me. I have to try this, she might actually be able to help me find love.’ And you did. You really did.
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