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3 Signs It's Time to Hire A Matchmaker!

Hiring a matchmaker is a super exciting process— one that takes you on a journey of discovery, both outside and in. Are you ready to have a personalized, curated dating experience? Matchmakers can connect you to some amazing people you might have never met otherwise: artists, scientists, yoga masters and more! I’m inspired all the time by people I interview as potential clients and matches. New York City is buzzing with incredible characters, which makes it such an awesome place to date!

As your matchmakers, we get to know you on a deeper level by having the conversations that really matter. During our interview process and meetings, we get to learn all about what makes you special. Would you eat pizza in bed? According to Amy, there’s only two kinds of people in the world, and we wouldn’t cross-match them 😉

Here are the top three signs that it’s time to invest in your love journey:

You don’t have time to swipe!

As your matchmakers, we are here to save you your precious time. We do the searching for you, so say goodbye to hours spent swiping left and right. Beyond that, we’re essentially going on first dates for you! We know the ins and outs of your personality, attachment styles, and dealbreakers, and we weed out all the non-matches, so that by the time you get to your first date, the chances of success are much higher!

You’re looking for a high-quality special someone.

You’re thoughtful about dating. Maybe you’re looking for someone who is similarly commitment-minded, or someone who has a certain level of education or is involved in a particular line of work. Oftentimes, people will forgo apps and instead opt to be in a matchmaker’s database because of the anonymity. The pool of people we work with tends to be men and women who are exceptional in some way, and we’re always looking for more beautiful souls who want to connect.

You’re ready to put in the work on your self and open up to love.

Maybe the best part of working one-on-one with a matchmaker is how personal the process is. We get to know you in a way that an app’s algorithm never could. We are also here help you be more present in opening up to love! You might learn how to communicate better, or how to better show affection, or how to best present yourself in a way that attracts the person you want in your life. The right matchmaker can help you show up in the world in a way that gets you closer to attracting the relationship you deserve. And we can’t wait to go on that journey with you. ♥️

By Alexa Cassill

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