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Summer is For Being, and Staying, Cool

Sometimes, the way to be hot is to stay cool :)

I’m saying this because we’re moving into peak summer, when temperatures make it easier to break a sweat, and also because I’m reflecting on the nature of the perfect first date.

The evening hours this time of year have the potential for extra romance. My favorite thing is being able to move between inside and outside environments with more fluidity than other seasons. Summer nights ask us to indulge in a little more fun and spontaneity. Ice cream dates after a sunset bike ride, park picnics before the air conditioned movie theater, anything that evokes the notion of delicious summer memories.

Leaning into being light-hearted and playful is the key. Focusing on activities that bring out our inner child or sense of wonder, or infusing our conversations with imagination and a little silliness. Use your first dates as an opportunity to test out if this new crush is a good playmate for you. Is it easy for you to find joy together?

Vibe it out, stay hydrated, and share what makes you uniquely cool. Work those bright colors or show a little skin, dress for fun. Invite them to that rooftop party with the most danceable music. Be adventurous, and remember that keeping it light and fun is the best way to access the most wonder!

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