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What I Learned about Love by Going to Burning Man by Amy Van Doran


This year I attended my first Burning Man. The experience was magical, and such a source of inspiration. It was especially meaningful because this summer I said goodbye to a beautiful relationship with a man I loved, and was feeling especially lovelorn. Here are some tips that I learned after embracing the Burn, that you can also swap as a metaphor for love.

7. Don’t bring too much baggage. Or better yet, find a partner that is strong enough to help you carry it.


6. Find someone you travel well with. If life is an adventure, you need a partner that can keep up. In a good relationship, the world should feel bigger!


5. Always says YES! Keep your heart wide open. Love is magic!And magic, can only happen if you believe in it. Never reduce love to what you imagine it to be like.


4. Nothing ever goes as planned. You have to give up the need to control, and let the desert happen to you.  Anywhere you end up will be amazing as long as you are in the right company.


3. Be present. The secret to being the best lover is seeing a person as they are, and not who they were or who they might be. Love in the present. It’s the greatest gift you can give someone.


2. Love is beautiful, because it is temporary. Do not let this fact scare you, and do not let it keep you from investing your whole self deeply. There is nothing wrong with going up in a brilliant ball of flames.


1. When everything has gone up in a blaze, leave your lover in better shape than you found them.

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