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How to Be More Attractive? Shine from the Inside.

Today, I’m thinking about what makes someone attractive. Specifically, is there something beyond quantifiable physical attributes that gives someone that special magnetic glow, that natural sexiness?

It’s in the way they walk. A confidence in movement, a lightness of step, expressive gestures of the body. There’s an alertness- they are here! Fully! Beyond physique, and beyond style, there is an inner radiance. Some people have that thing.

It seems that that thing is joy. It doesn’t have to be loud, exclamatory joy. In fact, it can be quite subtle. There is a sense of quiet satisfaction that some people possess that makes us want to be close to them. They are comfortable to be around, but they also inspire intrigue. They make us want to lean in closer and ask, what is the secret to that inner glow?

I think by attending to our own personal inner glow we can make ourselves more attractive, from the inside - out. And fortunately, we absolutely can cultivate it. By attending diligently to self care, by crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s in our own affairs, and by engaging in activities that bring us pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

When we decide to make our own happiness a priority, and make decisions that foster our own dignity, health, wealth, and pleasure, we become magnetic! We radiate a delicious positivity that others want to experience with us.

Part of the magic of matchmaking is having the support system of your matchmaker. Through our in-depth conversations we can figure out how to maximize your joy, by examining the obstacles that prevent you from making your fulfillment a priority. And of course, by exploring new elements to add to your life that can help you show up to your next day as the best and brightest version of you!

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