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New Year, New Love

It’s the darkest part of the year, and we are decorating our nights with candles and twinkling lights, donning festive metallics, and gathering with loved ones to make it a little bit warmer and brighter.

An unmarked calendar lies before us and we consider how we will shape those days, and how they will shape us. How many, and which, of the 365 days ahead will be romantic, unforgettable, magical? What resolutions can we make, and stick to, that will make this coming year one of radical expansion and transformation?

Before we rush to assert that there are a handful of ways that we must be harder on ourselves, or more strict in our regimens, whether it comes to exercise, diet, work ethic, or financial goals, I want to suggest that perhaps we can resolve to move through our experience with more love.

We can exercise and eat well because we love ourselves, not because we believe we must look a certain way in order to be loved. We can work toward our career goals joyfully, because we have something wonderful to offer others and we take pleasure in being of service. We can forge strong relationships because we love connection for its own sake, not because we are struggling against loneliness. Reframing the world and our actions through love changes everything.

Perhaps your hope for this new year is to find love. For this, I have two resolutions to welcome romance into your life. One is to make a dedicated practice of loving. Make a habit of acting lovingly with everyone who is already in your life. Acting in love attracts more love. The second is to be open to new, and more, connections. Your next crush is out there waiting for you to meet them, all you have to do is step outside your immediate circle.

If you’re ready to make 2024 the year you optimize your search for love, book a call with us and let’s see how we can be of service! Our resolution this year is to make more love happen then ever, whether it be by facilitating those inspiring connections, or by coaching for attracting that special someone.

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